And One More Thing...

Posted by Miz B on Friday, November 18, 2011
I should pass this along, folks. I haven't (entirely) stopped blogging (yet).
I have however, moved.
Come visit the new blog @ http://isthisyourhedgehog.blogspot.com

See you there!


Worship, Girls and Boys!

Posted by Miz B on Saturday, September 10, 2011
I wish I could say more than this, but school and work are sort of weighing me down. It's okay, though, this should get you through:


So About That..

Posted by Miz B on Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Alright. This post might get a little confusing or be a big revelation or something to those of you who weren't reading the blog religiously sometime around November. Of course I understand why you're not really checking it every hour now, because who wants to read a blog by a girl who only updates once a month, especially when you can just read her nattering on endlessly all day if you bother to check on Twitter? Ok, I'm gonna stop typing in the 3rd person before I pull something internally.
ANYway, sometime in December I posted a version of this (find it here! It's back up now), but due to some personal safety risks, I had to take it down until I was back under my parents roof.
Firstly, I'd like to thank all the folks who replied to the first post (almost instantaneously, too!), both on this blog and on Facebook. I hope at least some of your comments are still attached to it, although I bet they're not. It's too bad, they were really sweet and I love you guys so much for that instant, complete, unconditionaly response. I wish everyone could get that kind of response. Guess it just goes to prove, my peeps is the best!

So, here we go again. Have you ever tried to write/type/explain something like this? It sounds/reads so...lame. Oh, whatever. I'm gay. There ya go. See what I mean? I remind me of a TV special. A lame one.

Now on to the good stuff! (By this I mean, if you were here for the meaningful bit, you just saw it. All this rest is mostly frippery <-my new word of the week!).
While I was looking for the picture to put on the header there, and I found a whole bunch of other stuff, and you should look at it.

First of all, how can people not like lizards? Lizards are awesome! Look at that!

See what I mean? Pure dead awesome!

Also, I should warn whoever I end up spending my life with, that wherever we live is probably gonna end up looking something like this:

That dripping sound? Oh, that's just me drooling on to the carpet.

Also, we might have one of these in the backyard.

Panda's are arguably my favorite animal species on earth. There's no such thing as an ugly panda.

Or at least one of these.

That's a yak, by the way. We've got a couple small ones right now, anyway. Just ask my mom!

To finish off the pet bit, I really pray this is where my beloved Simon is right now.

I miss you, kitty.

Yeah, so that's about it. I'll try to keep all this going now that I'm home, but I prefer actually talking to people, so who knows how well it'll go. I'm wacky that way!


What A Long Strange Trip...

Posted by Miz B on Sunday, May 15, 2011 in , , ,
I won't try to explain my lack of communication, mostly because I've been gone to long to make a descent excuse. So let's just move past our differences and go on to a brighter future. What do you say?
Although a lot has happened between then and now, so I can't pretend I'm going to remember all of it. The most important bits I can remember have all occurred in the last couple weeks. Some of your may remember the Ruta Maya from back before Christmas. That was financed by a whole bunch of people, my parents and I included. To my Grandpa R., my aunts and uncles, all sorts of people. Really, really bloody cool people. Now, there's a second trip, which goes (or rather, went) north through Mexico City and further. I was not going to be able to go because, frankly, I was broke. Than, miracle or miracles, my grandparents offered to pay for the whole thing. How cool is that, right? Of course, it was about this point when my right eye started to turn red and fill up with blood. After 2 weeks of the most painful sunburn I've ever had, swollen skin, high-fever flu and high-drama international fiasco, I finally made it to a specialist who diagnosed contagious hemorrhagic conjunctivitis. I was assigned 3 different eye medications, one in-eye cream (OW!), and a very stern order not to even leave the house, let alone the city. This was 2 days before the trip left. After 1 1/2 weeks of the most irritatingly severe boredome I have ever experienced, I was released. However, several things had changed. For one, I had completely missed the trip, and any chance I would have of seeing Mexico City on this trip (Side note: the money slated for the trip is going into savings for next spring, when I will be applying to study abroad for the summer semester in San Jose, Costa Rica. Very excited about that!). For another, I found out that the one thing that will really turn me hostile is locking me in a room without books or paper and expecting me to enjoy myself (or even 'hang in there'). I mean, I get honey badger nasty. And for a very wide variety of reasons, several of which I don't want to go in to, I'm coming home soon. I know, I know. I still had a month to go, and all that. But I'm not going to have much time back home before I'm leaving again, off to college, wherever that may be. There are things to do, people to meet, stuff to learn. All I have here right now is a non-existent social life, an unhappy home life, and a school consisting of overworked seniors desperately looking to the horizon for a prom and graduation I'll miss anyway (their school year ends in the middle of July).

So basically, that was your pre-show warning. Look out, U.S.A. Expect me soon.

Posted by Miz B on Tuesday, April 05, 2011
As you might have gathered, I'm not posting very much. This is not (unfortunately) due (entirely) to laziness on my part. There has been and continues to not-be internet at my host house right now. I am changing houses soon, and hopefully my next family will be set up, but don't get too over excited.
In the meantime, I have found that while Blogger locks it up, my Kindle can can handle Twitter, so you can stay up to date by either checking the sidebar widget on this page (under the counter), or you can check out my twitter page, here.
Sorry for the cool off, although lets face it, what are you missing?
Have a great week, folks!


Wooooooooaaaaaaaaaaghh (<-that's the noise the THX logo makes in the theater.)

Posted by Miz B on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 in

Now, the symptoms in THIS patient indicate a rare condition known as the 'Nerdgasm Coma', which is caused by a person running out of air while screaming and looking at one of the coolest things ever at the same time. The largest recorded concentration of cases recorded was outside of the theater after the premier of Serenity.


One Step Forward...Cha-Cha! Cha-Cha!

Posted by Miz B on Monday, March 28, 2011 in , , , ,
I know I should be writing something meaningful and insightful and just...full. But hey, who has the time? I was laughing so hard after this that I couldn't even see the screen!

And if you're not to busy following GayObama, don't forget to check out my Twitter in the sidebar. Sadly, it gets updated a lot more than...well, anything else. Sorry, Facebook.
Also, here's a special present for Tristan, Allan, Cameron, and anyone else who's a fan of PURE AWESOME! Please enjoy...Teddy Roosevelt vs. Bigfoot!


Rule 149. Don't Let The Ice-Cream Truck Get Away

Posted by Miz B on Friday, March 25, 2011 in , ,
Note: This is the second part of one giant post, and this bit is almost all inane pop-culture jabber. For things of substance, scroll down.

On a less introspective note, you should listen to anything you from Marian Call you can get your hands on. Granted, I only have her half-album Got To Fly, but it's swiftly becoming one of my favorite single albums.
Her title song "Got To Fly" is sort of an introduction to my brain. It's a little creepy. Seriously, if I was anything approaching lyrically talented, I could have written this. But I didn't, so check it out!
Sorry this is set to a BSG montage.

Lyrics can be found here.
Her music is a style I'm not usually a fan of, but since the entire album is written about either BSG or Firefly, you can't go wrong. "Good Old Girl" is about a spaceship (I suppose probably either Serenity or the Galactica, although I kept getting pictures of a certain blue box.). "Vera Flew The Coop" is a very interesting backstory for the name of the favorite gun of a certain person with a very cunning hat. "It's Good To Have Jayne On Your Side" is pretty self explanatory (and hilarious). "In The Black" is a sailor-boy type of song like all the ones from the days of pirates and merchants and great ships, but about someone leaving for the stars. "It Was Good For You Too" is an award-wining song told from the point of Firefly's Saffron. You can actually listen to all these and more here, so I didn't put in individual links.
And, to save the best for last, here is "I'll Still Be A Geek After Nobody Thinks It's Chic" (a.k.a. "Nerd Anthem"), the best nerd anthem I think I've ever heard. Favorite lyrics include 'my superpower is draining fun from parties' and 'I don't mind being underrated and ignored, the world is much to interesting to entertain ennui, and I won't play it cool so I won't ever once be bored'. Enjoy!

Dear god, that TARDIS bit in the middle got WAY out of hand, so I deleted most of it and moved all the links down here. Who knew how much funny stuff you'd get if you type in 'funny tardis'?
Like fake TARDISs (is that a word? TARDISs'? TARDIS's? TARDISES? TARDESI? Hmm. Guess it's a good thing there's only one of 'em, huh?), and guinea pig TARDIS, and Colbert's TARDIS, and
potential disaster TARDIS, and (my personal favorite) Ninja Proof TARDIS. Oh, and a scientific explanation of the Resurrection . And I need this.

Also! I have added a feed of my Twitter, so you can, if you want too, you know, read all the stuff I re-tweet from The Daily Show, Ellen, Simon Pegg and Nathan Fillion. Wee! BTW, if the counter widget isn't working for you're computer...sorry. You're sort of SOL, I recommend using a calculator. Or a calender. It's what I do.


This Is Mexico: Where Everything Tastes Better On A Taco

Posted by Miz B on Friday, March 25, 2011 in , , , , ,
Note: This is the first part of a giant super-post, but since it was so big I could barely edit it, I cut it in half and posted the two bits seperately. See the 2nd half above. This bit mostly focuses on Mexico, i.e. self-ish introspection.

How was your Thursday? Mine was spent...well, throwing up, actually. So, you know, got that workin' for me. On a related note, you should probably drop my mom a line to thank her for talking me out of posting a picture of the nut that came our of my nose. Pistachio ice cream? Not as much fun the second time around. And you can shut up know, all my immature male readers who've been tittering since the word 'nut'. An are now giggling about 'tittering'. This stuff? This is classy shit.
Anyway, life meanders on. My host mother is a little miffed that I have missed so much school. I've tried to explain that I'm sorry and I actually learn more staying at home anyway. I thought it was a Mexican high school thing, but I now realize it's more of a..high school thing. Yeah. I wish there was something cool to tell you. All I can say is, I realized this morning how much I am going to miss the birds here. You barely see them, but they are loud. And cool. They sound like the 'tropical island' track of one of those relaxation CDs you get from the Target (unless you're boycotting the Target). Except, you know, real.
The sad thing is, I know I am going to miss it here. Just like when I left home I knew I was going to miss it horribly, but it's sort of impossible to stock up on stuff you'll miss, to be ready. At the time, I couldn't imagine missing home, because I was going somewhere new and different and shiny. I couldn't imagine it, but I knew I would. And lo and behold, I do. Now, I'm sort of starting to get ready to get ready to go home, and I can't really imagine missing here. Okay, that sounds bad, but it's sort of in the same way. I like it here, but I live here. It's...normal..now. I miss home. I can't wait to be back. But, before you know it, I'll be complaining about how boring home is and wishing I was back here. Just part of the process. Sigh.
One thing though, I am definitely not the same person I was when I got here. I am now, according to the best experts, at least semi-fluent in Spanish. I've heard about 85% from 2 different sources, which, considering how much I sucked when I got here, and considering my future plans (see below), is a number I can live with. I've learned new customs, learned to handle myself in a new environment. Learned to occupy my time (very good at this one), learned to navigate foreign cities. Learned to play roulette, learned to repair a bathroom drain, learned how to trap a rat. I have new favorites, new likes and dislikes. I certainly have more funny stories to tell at parties.
But the thing that counts the most, I think (if not the thing I got most of) is character and perspective. I'll never think about winter the same way again, because now I know what it's like to live in a place that doesn't have one.My perceptions of things have changed forever: Trees, hiking, bikes, recycling. Fair treatment for animals. Selflessness, kindness, openness to strangers. The bonds of friends and family. Freedom of speech, bigotry and stereotyping. My family and friends are so much more important to me now, now that I see what life could be like without them. I see myself through the eyes of those around me, and if these are eyes of people who don't really know me, I can feel like nothing. It's not a fun sensation.
I'll never think of school as a chore again. I may be weird, but I rely on learning new stuff. Without it, my brain rots. I'll never take geeks for granted again. Nor getting a glass of drinking water out of the tap. Nor my dog. Nor my clothes. Nor Black Dog, nor The Courier, nor good pizza. Nor Hulu.

I don't know if you're getting this ad campaign in the U.S., but it's everywhere here. Sorry this inspirational moment is sponsored by Coca-Cola, but I found this on the back of my soda can in Veracruz City last week, and it was so cool I thought I should share it.

Text in Spanish: Otra razon para creer: Los idiomas pueden ser barreras que nos separan o puentes que nos unen. En la ultima decada mas de 3 millones de jovenes han aprendido epanol en Estados Unidos.
Text in English: Another reason to believe: Languages can be barriers that separate us or bridges that bring us together. In the last decade more than 30 million kids have learned Spanish in the United States.
(any mistakes are proof that I'm not one of those kids ;P )

Man, I really need to get a job as soon as I get home. I am totally broke right now, and I barely use money here. How am I gonna replace my computer and my phone? And remodeling my room? And getting a wardrobe that isn't so last year (<-that was a joke. Mostly). And replacing my Converse? And raiding the Ikea? And fixing up my bike so I can go touring (squee!)?
It's possible I should be thinking about how to pay for school too, maybe, as well. Maybe I should find a religion to join that's not...you know...buddhism.
Is there a Frequently-Rains-Money-From-The-Sky God I can believe in? Oh come on, this is the human race we're talking about. Of course there is.


Chalie Parker Played BeBop

Posted by Miz B on Monday, March 21, 2011 in , ,
Note: This post was actually written on 12 March, but I forgot to post it. Here it is in all it's misspelled, rambling, inane glory.

So get this. The local version of TNT (which is exactly like the U.S. version of TNT except everything's in SPANISH) showed a movie I always forget I love last night: The Italian Job. As some of you know, along with the previously mentioned Big Three (1. giant robots, 2. dragons, and 3. Megan Fox) there is another kind of movie I really enjoy: heist movies. This doesn't count among the Big Three because on one hand, I am a lot more discerning with my heist flicks (Inside Man, Ocean's Eleven, The Ladykillers) as opposed to my Big Three movies (Transformers 2, Reign of Fire, Jennifer's Body!). On the other, Big Four won't strike fear into the hearts of my enemies. And Big Three will. Shut up.
The Italian Job rates with Ocean's Eleven as one of the only movies I've ever found where I liked the remake better than the original (incidentally, there is a rule among among the entire horror movie genre that if a remake is ever better than the original, the laws of physics all turn backwards at once). Also, every time I watch it, I remember how much I want a red Mini Cooper with racing stripes. Seriously, it's like Mini Porn. Snigger. Mini Porn. I'm funny.
If you haven't seen it, I thoroughly recommend it, it's funny and smart. And has Charlize Theron. If you don't believe me, I think I'll let Seth Green change your mind.

Posters! I always forget how much I love posters. I bring this up because if somebody can get me one of these I will probably kiss them. Seriously, I cannot WAIT to see this movie.
Also, I realized no-one here knows about my weird sci-fi poster obsession. No, I don't mean posters for sci-fi movies (although those are pretty cool too), I mean the travel posters for sci-fi places. So far, this is the only place I have found that makes good ones. But seriously, look how cool they are!
They have trips to Jupiter,

To Rivendell

To tour the Kessel Run

and to join the Imperial Empire

The only thing they're missing is some Firefly stuff. I want a travel poster for Persephone!

Oh wait, here's some.

Actually, I'm not sure the Browncoats need anymore cool spaceship stuff. Seriously, some of this is getting a little obsessive.
Oh, who am I kidding? This stuff is AWESOME! I want this, and this, and this..
Oh! And this! And I can put this on my scooter heeheehee...
Dear god, just imagine what my dorm is gonna look like at college. Not to mention the dork living in it.

Hopefully something more interesting and substantial will be up either later today or tomorrow, but the weekend is coming, so who knows.
Have a great weekend!!

*A Side Note: If you're ever bored, try googling 'very cunning hat'. It's a little disturbing.

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